this is my biodata

name : April Rustianto
nick name : April

birthday : 26 april 1987
sex : male
age : 21 year
occupation : student
school : computer science IPB

Hometown :Jl Maninjau No 14 Dusun Gringging desa Mujur Kec Kroya Kab Cilacap Prop Jawa Tengah

Hobby :reading, surfing internet, n sport

status : haven`t married yet

Motto : dare to fail

Description About Me:

i`m a humorist, energik, and creatif person. i like everything about computer especially programming and networking. i also like eating and watching movie also playing game. i`m activist too, since elementary shcool i became class leader until senior high shcool. In university i follow a lot of organization like Student Parliamentary Board(DPM), Student Eksecutive Board (BEM), and Student Activity Unit (UKM). For me failure is one step before succees, so don`t be bored to try everything you want.


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